Fake-Up 2.0

33A65BC1-1A9F-4EC5-AE8D-E6F2E71B15B6┬áThis time with added bull ring! I don’t know what kind of technology Snapchat uses in order to get the lenses right, but I commend them for it. The lip color is where it should be, the eye make-up is too, and the bull ring. Oh the bull ring, I am a big fan of the fact that they added this too. I’ve wanted a septum piercing for about two years now and I had a fake one but it broke. In recent years, many more people have been getting them and wearing the kind like in this Snapchat Lens, with the jewels and rhinestones making them more glamorous than just having a piece of metal in your nose. That’s how my mom sees them anyways. They have also always been seen as a very grungy piece of face jewelry, something that only people who wear the darkest of colors don their face with, but because they have become more mainstream and we’ve found a way to make them prettier, almost any person you see on the street could pull it off. Granted, you have to have the right type of nose for it. My boyfriend tried the same lens and, regardless of the fact that the fake-up didn’t make him look any better, we determined that a bull ring is not for him. For me however, I can’t wait until I get enough money and/or courage to go get this done. Maybe it’ll be another push for me to wear more bold make-up and lip colors.



To give you a little break in ipsy reviews, the other day, I was wearing a shirt in my favorite burgundy color. Usually when I am wearing this color I also have a lip color on to match but for some reason this day, I wasn’t. I had my wings all done up too but still, no lipstick. While I was at work, I grew bored because there wasn’t anything for me to do so I turned to my current favorite social networking app, Snapchat. Now I, like most “basic” girls my age, love the Snapchat Lenses, oft mis-referred to as Snapchat Filters. These “lenses” are the dog, face-swap, flower crown, and myriad of other real-time editors to make your face look different. My go to is the flower crown but in swiping through them that day, I found one that I would refer to as a “beauty lens,” + lipstick. The lipstick matched my shirt, and other lip colors that I own, perfectly and I have never loved a Snapchat Lens more.

Yesterday I posted this Snapchat Selfie on Instagram and it got a number of likes and comments, more than I am used to. This is probably partially due to the fact that I am also smiling in the picture, something I don’t often do. I’ve been told I have a nice smile, I don’t see it though.

Now without further ado, here’s the selfie, caption and all, because I’m sure you were dying to see my face (not like Medusa, but part of me would love that).