January 2017 Ipsy Glambag Review


If you have not already heard of Ipsy but you love trying new make-up, I’m not really sure what rock you’ve been living under but get out of it. This is not a sponsored post by any means (I don’t have enough klout for that) but for $10 I’ve been getting sampleĀ and full-sized make-up items monthly and I love it because a lot of them are things I’ve wanted to try but not wanted to spend the full $30+ on to find out I hate them. I actually just hate spending $30+ dollars on make-up I like too because that is too much money for a broke college kid that just likes to paint her face.

In this month’s bag, I got five different items: a primer by Temptu, an under-eye concealer by It Cosmetics, a BB cream by Smashbox, a lip balm by Rimmel London, and a moisturizer by H2O+ Beauty. Pictured are the primer, BB cream, and concealer, all of which I tried for the very first time this morning when I was getting ready for work and obviously, I started with the primer.

Now the order of what you use when is a little bit wonky to me because people will do their eyes up all the way without having put on foundation first when it is callĀ foundation, but I know that primer comes before anything, except moisturizer. This primer felt like a moisturizer in a little droplet bottle. It was very different than the primer I usually use which is from L’Oreal, but I made sure my face was covered and then I moved on to the BB cream. This went on as normal foundation does and felt light and finished more matte than I was expecting. Under-eye concealer is still a bit of a foreign concept to me but I tried it anyways, throwing it on as a highlighter as many beauty gurus do. This finished more shiny, but once I covered it in powder, everything looked as it should.

I like all three of these items a lot, particularly the BB cream. It went on smoothly and easily and drying into a light, matte finish is everything you want in the things you’re caking to your face. I’m not about to run out and buy any (I still have a lot of tarte Amazonian Clay foundation) but I would consider using this again in the future, when my broke college kid budget has an increase in the make-up category.