February ipsy GlamBag 5/5

It didn’t occur to me that I hadn’t reviewed the last part of my Februrary GlamBag until I’d already gotten the March one. So here is the last piece of the February GlamBag, a highlighter. IMG_5865The highlighter is by Luna Cosmetics and is in the color Calypso. I don’t have that much to say about it because I’m not a big fan of highlighters. They are incredibly easy to overdo because you have to know how to use them properly and, while it makes sense, it’s not something that just comes to you. That said, this highlighter is really pretty and has a kind of purply undertone to it that most others I have used don’t. The others are usually more pink and/or neutral. I’m not sure what skin tone purple works on…

Because I don’t have a lot to say about it, I also took more pictures so you could get an idea of what it looks like. The photo of it on my fingers is rubbing IMG_7298it straight out of the pot, and the photo of my arm is what is on my fingers getting rubbed onto my arm. It’s super pigmented so it seems this could be quickly overdone. I would honestly probably only use it if I really needed to shine for a costume or I was feeling especially radiant some day.


February ipsy GlamBag Review 4/5

Once again again I find myself at a conference out of state but this time in New York City! It’s my first time here and and it won’t be my last but it will likely likely be one of few. I’m not the type for the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps. On to the review.

Anyone that knows me knows that my favorite color is black and it is also my favorite color to wear (it’s flattering), but my second favorite color to wear is the dark red that my shirt is above. I have too many articles of clothing in that color at this point and I don’t plan on stopping. I also have a few lip products in this color and I love them. They are bold and dark and not too wild. Seeing this NYX butter lipstick in my GlamBag excited me a lot because I love NYX, as I believe I’ve said, and I hadn’t tried this product yet. It was also exciting because, by the look of the tube and packaging, it would be the color that I am enamored with. It was not this color.

The color of the lipstick turned out to be a more pinkish red and did not match my top at all. This was disappointing. The formula was nice though and went on like butter, explaining where the line got its name from. It was also pretty opaque in the first swipe across my lips which was a plus. The only disappointing part was the disparity in color.

I leave New York to go back to Tampa tomorrow, and I could not be happier. It is cold up here. Too cold for my Chicago to Tampa bones. And I get to sleep again.

Tightlining- February ipsy GlamBag Review 3/5

img_2556One of the crappy things about taking photos is that the photo never looks like real life. This is one of the reasons they say the camera adds ten pounds. The focal length, lighting, and a myriad of other factors can indeed make you look fatter. And that sucks. Looking fatter in the camera is not the point of this post however. The point of this post is eyeliner.

If you’re not super familiar with make-up, you probably still know what eyeliner is and that it goes on your eyelids, above your lash line. But you probably don’t know why. We do not wear eyeliner because we want a thick black (brown, blonde) line on our eyelid, we wear eyeliner because it accentuates our lashes. The same is true of winged liner (something I am a huge fan of and have said as such many times) because it makes the outer lashes look fuller and longer. Now you know.

Something else you’re probably aware of is that people use eyeliner, usually black, in their lower waterline, the part right between their eyeball and lower lashes. I used to do this a lot finding that my day ended in me looking like I was dead. Nowadays, it is recommended that you use a white, peach, or nude liner in your lower waterline to open up your eyes more. This is a tip that I find extremely helpful as an Asian with small eyes. HOWEVER, you can still use black eyeliner in a waterline, your upper.

WHAT? THERE’S AN UPPER WATERLINE? Yes, and applying eyeliner to it is just as uncomfortable as applying it to the bottom. But this is called tightlining and is another wonderful way in which we fill in our lashes and make them look fuller. Here’s where my issues with cameras comes in.

I love photography, but selfies in your bathroom just do not cut it when you are trying to take a comparison photo of one eye done with the normal eyeliner and mascara with no tightlining and another with it. Instead, I’m just going to tell you that this eyeliner from ipsy was pretty good at what I needed it to do. It went on very easily and doesn’t smudge too much throughout the day, but on a waterline, you have to expect at least a little bit of it. The only thing I don’t like is that it is a pencil, because that means I have to sharpen it to continue using it which never happens because I am a) lazy, and b) they never sharpen properly and I end up with wood in my eye.

To anyone that wants a minimal make-up look but still wants to put some on, I suggest tightlining. No one knows that you’re wearing eyeliner but you still look more put together than if you didn’t have it on and in the hustle and bustle of our society, we can all benefit from a bit of faking it.

No Scrubs – February ipsy GlamBag 2/5

screen-shot-2017-02-25-at-1-56-33-pmExcept all the scrubs. I love scrubs and have multiple but I’m always looking to try new ones. In this month’s GlamBag, I got a sample size of the Promise Organic Nourishing Coconut Milk Daily Facial Scrub with Sugar and Walnut. In a previous bag, I received a coconut milk moisturizer from Promise Organic that I love, so I was really excited to try this one.

To start out, this smells amazing. I’m hit or miss with coconut scented/flavored things because I love fresh coconut but hate dried coconut. This passed my test though. The gel/paste is a translucent brown color and you can see and feel the exfoliants in it, the sugar and walnut. I was expecting this to feel like St. Ives Apricot Scrub, something that I am also a fan of. It was better. I had never fully understood why sugar scrubs were such a hot commodity until I used this on my face. The sugar felt like it was getting into my pores and getting the grossness out and then dissolved away when it was done. It was great. And my face feels softer and smoother now the day after using it.

A big issue that I usually have after exfoliating is that my skin get dry and peels but after using this, it was not and even if it was, I have the moisturizer to use after it that also feels and smells wonderful. I love this product and for 3 oz. for $9.99, I would not be mad about using it more often.

February ipsy GlamBag 1/5

img_3866I am finally in possession of my February GlamBag. I would love to review all of the products at once but I did not use them all this morning so you’re getting the review broken down into five. This also gives me more to post about so heyyyyyyyyy.

This morning, the first product I tried out to the February GlamBag was the bellapierre cosmetics volumeLASH Waterproof Mascara. I love mascara. It is one of the most important pieces of make-up in my kit. I don’t, however, like waterproof mascara or much other waterproof make-up in general. It is supposed to stay on through water (it doesn’t usually) and is supposed to be able to come off pretty easily with make-up remover (another thing it is not known for). I like the bellapierre things I’ve gotten in the past though, so I’m giving this a try.

To start out, this is not a sample mascara but a full tube, something that is always appreciated. Going into the product itself, the formula seems to be thinner and lighter than others that I usually use. I think that this is the reason I am not super enamored with this mascara as when I applied it, it was hard to tell I had any on. This could also be due to the fact that I don’t have much mascara primer left, but this product itself also just felt different and like it was not adhering to my lashes.

I will get more primer soon and try again, but on first impressions alone, I am not impressed.