Facial Hair

When I say facial hair, you probably immediately think mustaches and beards. No one thinks about eyebrows. Eyebrows are much more important than people think they are. Look up “celebrities without eyebrows” on Google if you don’t believe me. It’s weird.

Eyebrows are super important to the architecture of your face. They frame it and if you have too little or too much, things start to look weird. I, like many my age, got into the bad habit of overplucking in my youth. Because of this, as I have said before, a lot of what other people see of my eyebrows is not actually my eyebrows. It is make-up. In the past, I’ve tried to grow them out again but have always gotten fed up and started plucking again before anything could grow back where I needed it. The hair grew in places I didn’t want it so I’d take my tweezers to it before anyone else could see. Right now however, I am trying my best to let everything grow as it will until graduation.

I read an article that said to properly grow your eyebrows out again, you have to leave them alone for two months. If I had found this article back in March, that would have been okay, but I need to look picture perfect for graduation so two months is just not a possibility. So far, I’ve been good and have not plucked anything. Once more unruly and unnecessary hairs start coming in though, we’ll see how well I do.