March ipsy GlamBag Review 4/6

I did not like this product. It just wasn’t for me. The product I am talking about this time is the Neogen Coconut Milk Pure Mild Cleanser. Because of the coconut milk facial products I’d gotten in the past from Promise Organic, I was hopeful for this product to be good too. It’s not necessarily that it’s bad, it just wasn’t what I expected. The formula was very thick and kind of sticky and didn’t feel much like it cleaned my face. My face also did not feel as hydrated after use and it didn’t smell as good as the others. When it comes it cleaning products, I am usually biased towards those that are exfoliators because I can feel them doing the work. You’re not supposed to use these every day however, because they can rough up your skin too much, so on days that you’re not exfoliating but still need to clean, you use a normal cleanser. I was hoping that this would be a good off-day treatment but it looks, right now, like I’m going to have to go searching for more Promise Organic products.


March ipsy GlamBag Review 2/6 & 3/6

IMG_0597Say hello to my fully made-up face and wet hair. Most people are not me and when they have a full face of make-up on, they also make sure their hair is done too… I hardly ever do anything special with my hair anymore. Anyways, this post is about three things.

  1. tarte cosmetics tarteistâ„¢ quick dry matte lip paint in vibin

  2. Elizabeth Mott blending brush
  3. The new way I’m doing my eyebrows

1. Let’s start with the lips, shall we? I love these deep burgundy Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 1.01.37 PMcolors. I would shower myself in liquid lipsticks in this shade if I could. That said, this one surprised me. It came in a sample size, nothing new. The shade in the tube looks completely different to what it looks like on my face though. So different. It’s much lighter in the tube and less red. That said, I am not mad about what it ended up being. I love it. And it lives up to its name in being a “quick dry matte lip paint” because it did dry very quickly and very matte. A full-sized tube is $20 and while I love it, I can get a NYX liquid lipstick that is much the same for about $7.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 1.15.08 PM2. The Elizabeth Mott blending brush was pretty cool. For those that don’t know, a blending brush does what it sounds like, blends. You use this on your eyelids for eyeshadow blending so that you don’t have a harsh line between your eyeshadow and your face or one eyeshadow color to the next. No one wants that. Blending is very important (in every step of your make-up). Generally you want your blending brushes to be very soft and fluffy, not only because they are near the very delicate skin of your eyelid, but also because this just helps blend the color better. It sweeps it around instead of just dropping it in one place like an eyeliner brush or ever your crease brush would do. My old blending brush is from bhCosmetics, the same company that I got the colors of my eyeshadow from. It’s super fluffy but also longer than the Elizabeth Mott one meaning it sweeps around more and can therefore fan out the colors more. The Elizabeth Mott blending brush still has fluffy bristles, they’re just a little tighter knit so they keep control of the color better. I like this a lot.

3. My eyebrows are still as lovely as ever and as fake as ever. Whenever someone compliments them, I tell them that they are fake. I’m not trying to be part of the group of women that walk around looking perfect all day long pretending it’s a reality when it isn’t. Do you want to know what’s not real? All of my face. It’s all make-up. Well, most of it anyways. I do have an actual face underneath it. This took a weird turn. Back to my eyebrows. Since I am out of pomade and, as mentioned in my last post, the eyebrow liner i received from ipsy was a dud, I had to find a new way to do my eyebrows in the meantime. Enter eyeshadow. As mentioned above, I have an eyeshadow palette from bhCosmetics. What I didn’t mention is that this palette has 120 colors and shades in it and they are beautiful. To do my brows, I used a mixture of a matte brown and matte black shades and applied it like I did the pomade. Pomade is only one type of brow product, powder is another. There are specific brow powders as well that usually come with a wax to apply over it to seal it, but who needs that when I have 120 shades of eyeshadows? Granted, I only used two, but still.

March ipsy GlamBag 1/6

Usually a GlamBag only has 5 products in it but I redeemed some points last month and got myself a 6th so lucky you, you get another post! (Except it’s going to be less anyways because I used multiple products in one day… we’ll see how I break it down) Today’s post is about the EYEKO Fat Brow Liner in shade Light to Medium. I received an EYEKO liner in a previous bag. It was a liquid eyeliner, not brow liner, but it was super dark and I loved it so I was excited to try this. The fact that it is in the shade “Light to Medium” didn’t catch me off guard at first because this is usually the shade I get face products in. I am a fairly light-skinned Filipina. Once it occurred to me however, that this was a product for my brows, I started to become a bit skeptical that this would work for me.

Pro-tip: When buying brow make-up, buy a shade or two lighter than your actual brow color. This way you can blend it in and layer it and make sure it’s not too dark. Even if your eyebrows are black, like mine, I promise, you want to follow this.

Because of that tip, I still decided to wait until I could try this brow liner to judge it. I’d been surprised in the past and I already ran out of my brow pomade so I was in need of something.

In the photos online, the tip of the pen is brown. My pomade is brown so this was no issue. When I opened up my product, the tip looked closer to a dark brown/black so this made me more excited, thinking it would be even closer to what I needed. When I went to try it, I started to draw my normal shape which consists of some filling in sparse areas where there is hair, and some drawing on completely new areas where there isn’t hair. In filling in the sparse areas with hair, it did a pretty nice job, but drawing on the new areas, this product was extremely light and grey, not even brown. It looked like I’d taken a graphite, #2 pencil to my eyebrows and I was not happy about that. Below is a picture of the product on my hand. I drew a new eyebrow. It is grey. Not black, not brown, grey.

IMG_4906Because of this and a mixture of my laziness and lack of funds, I haven’t gone out to get a new pomade, but I have started using a mixture of brown and black matte eyeshadows and I think it is working pretty well. You can tell me what you think when you see this combination in my next post.

PS Now you know that my eyebrows are a lie. Don’t tell anyone else 😉

February ipsy GlamBag 5/5

It didn’t occur to me that I hadn’t reviewed the last part of my Februrary GlamBag until I’d already gotten the March one. So here is the last piece of the February GlamBag, a highlighter. IMG_5865The highlighter is by Luna Cosmetics and is in the color Calypso. I don’t have that much to say about it because I’m not a big fan of highlighters. They are incredibly easy to overdo because you have to know how to use them properly and, while it makes sense, it’s not something that just comes to you. That said, this highlighter is really pretty and has a kind of purply undertone to it that most others I have used don’t. The others are usually more pink and/or neutral. I’m not sure what skin tone purple works on…

Because I don’t have a lot to say about it, I also took more pictures so you could get an idea of what it looks like. The photo of it on my fingers is rubbing IMG_7298it straight out of the pot, and the photo of my arm is what is on my fingers getting rubbed onto my arm. It’s super pigmented so it seems this could be quickly overdone. I would honestly probably only use it if I really needed to shine for a costume or I was feeling especially radiant some day.

Fake-Up 2.0

33A65BC1-1A9F-4EC5-AE8D-E6F2E71B15B6 This time with added bull ring! I don’t know what kind of technology Snapchat uses in order to get the lenses right, but I commend them for it. The lip color is where it should be, the eye make-up is too, and the bull ring. Oh the bull ring, I am a big fan of the fact that they added this too. I’ve wanted a septum piercing for about two years now and I had a fake one but it broke. In recent years, many more people have been getting them and wearing the kind like in this Snapchat Lens, with the jewels and rhinestones making them more glamorous than just having a piece of metal in your nose. That’s how my mom sees them anyways. They have also always been seen as a very grungy piece of face jewelry, something that only people who wear the darkest of colors don their face with, but because they have become more mainstream and we’ve found a way to make them prettier, almost any person you see on the street could pull it off. Granted, you have to have the right type of nose for it. My boyfriend tried the same lens and, regardless of the fact that the fake-up didn’t make him look any better, we determined that a bull ring is not for him. For me however, I can’t wait until I get enough money and/or courage to go get this done. Maybe it’ll be another push for me to wear more bold make-up and lip colors.

Lip Lotion

Also known as lip balm (a much better sounding name; lip lotion sounds gross) is one of my favorite products to use. I hate having dry lips so whatever lip balm I have on hand is always my savior. I say “whatever lip balm I have on hand” because any that I got for free and threw in my purse will be a quick fix, but I am sure you’ve noticed that sometimes, after applying a lip balm, your lips feel even dryer and more chapped than before you put it on. This happens with cheap lip balms and/or when you’re super dried out. The free ones that have a company’s logo on the tube are almost always ridiculously cheap and the good ones are always pretty expensive. I don’t like paying $3+ dollars on them (I’m a cheap person), so I’m thankful when ipsy sends them to me. This is always a product that people splurge on though buying brands likes Carmex, Burt’s Bees, and eos. I’ve recently been using Lasting Smiles, which I got through ipsy, in a lovely peppermint scent that tingles my lips.

One of the main issues I’ve found with wanting to wear lip balm all the time is that when I’m wearing a lip color, the color transfers to the balm which means it is no longer on my lips. A pretty neat trick I read to combat this is to apply lip balm after you’ve applied your color but while you’re still getting ready. Then when it transfers to your lip balm, you can touch up the color before you leave and when you’re out on the town and feel dry as a desert, when you apply your lip balm, there is color on it that will transfer back. I haven’t tried this yet as I just hate getting color on my lip balm in general, but in theory, it should work.

I also haven’t tried it as dryness hasn’t been as big of an issue to me lately because of the “Yeti-esque” tumbler I received for my birthday. I take it everywhere and always have water or some sort of liquid in it. Lip dryness happens as a result of dehydration. This is a great fact to know not only because you can tell when you need to drink more water, but also because my boyfriend, as lovely a human as he is, hates lotions and balms and anything that makes skin slippery and slimy. This makes my life difficult as I want to religiously apply lip balm when I’m dry but cannot if I expect him to want to kiss me. Sometimes I do it anyways to irritate him though. I’m not always nice but he likes the minty tingles too.


February ipsy GlamBag Review 4/5

Once again again I find myself at a conference out of state but this time in New York City! It’s my first time here and and it won’t be my last but it will likely likely be one of few. I’m not the type for the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps. On to the review.

Anyone that knows me knows that my favorite color is black and it is also my favorite color to wear (it’s flattering), but my second favorite color to wear is the dark red that my shirt is above. I have too many articles of clothing in that color at this point and I don’t plan on stopping. I also have a few lip products in this color and I love them. They are bold and dark and not too wild. Seeing this NYX butter lipstick in my GlamBag excited me a lot because I love NYX, as I believe I’ve said, and I hadn’t tried this product yet. It was also exciting because, by the look of the tube and packaging, it would be the color that I am enamored with. It was not this color.

The color of the lipstick turned out to be a more pinkish red and did not match my top at all. This was disappointing. The formula was nice though and went on like butter, explaining where the line got its name from. It was also pretty opaque in the first swipe across my lips which was a plus. The only disappointing part was the disparity in color.

I leave New York to go back to Tampa tomorrow, and I could not be happier. It is cold up here. Too cold for my Chicago to Tampa bones. And I get to sleep again.