profileLex is a senior at the University of Tampa in Tampa, FL studying New Media Production, Advertising, and Public Relations. She is involved in Student Productions, the programming board; WUTT, the on-campus radio station; the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement, the student activities office, and the Baccalaureate Office.
     After graduation, Lex plans to move to Austin, Texas where the media scene is booming. After her work with Homecoming week at UT as well as the other events she has planned around campus, she has found a love for event planning. Though busy, she finds great joy in seeing all of her hard work pay off in the happiness of the student body at each event. She loves booking talent and novelties and getting to work with new people. Her ultimate goal is to become a part of the Rooster Teeth Live Events team and work on RTX in the summer.
     For fun, Lex enjoys a multitude of activities. First and foremost, she enjoys watchingimg_20160705_132027 YouTube videos, specifically Rooster Teeth. While she isn’t laughing at them however, she enjoys going to concerts, taking photos, and writing poetry and short stories. She also loves being a DJ for WUTT, expressing her creativity and opinion to whoever will listen, and getting to work with artists. On any given day you can find her wearing some sort of comic book character’s emblem or entire costume, particularly that of Harley Quinn. At the end of the day, Lex loves to kick-back with her friends and loved ones and relax until there is more work to be done.