March ipsy GlamBag Review 6/6

I finally used the tarte frxxxtion stick. This stick was the free item I got with points. It’s a small purple tube with a gold cover and the product inside is black. It is supposed to exfoliating and the product looks very smooth and shiny before its first use so I was rather skeptical of this. The directions for use are to dampen your face then use the stick in little circles and wash off, or keep on as a mask for 10 minutes. Because I hate washing my face over the sink (water and product gets everywhere) I used it in the shower. I wasn’t sure if this would wash it away too much but I got it free so I decided to go for it anyways. I wet my face and started the circles on my forehead and boy was I surprised. Though you couldn’t see them, there were small particles in the product to exfoliate. I made circles all over my face then used my fingers to scrub them in a little more and rinsed my face off. Once I rinsed my face, it felt immediately softer. The smaller exfoliating particles are what helped this. I expected next to nothing out of this face wash and got so much more. For a regular 1 oz. size, it is $22 on the tarte website which is pretty pricey for me, but it worked really well and was a good use of my points.

Summing up this glambag: 66% of the items I liked. That is a bit of an unfair number because the frxxxtion stick wasn’t really part of the bag, but it is still an item I received from ipsy so I will count it. This is about normal for the GlamBags I get. It is hard to please everyone, especially in something as ever-changing and always different like make-up. Two years ago I would have never touched a liquid eyeliner because I didn’t know how to use it. Now they are all I use and I just branched out to gel because I figured I would experiment. These subscription boxes are the best for that. I only have to pay $10 and I get to play with 5 different items instead of paying $25 for one that I will end up hating. I love it. Michelle Phan, thank you.


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