March ipsy GlamBag 1/6

Usually a GlamBag only has 5 products in it but I redeemed some points last month and got myself a 6th so lucky you, you get another post! (Except it’s going to be less anyways because I used multiple products in one day… we’ll see how I break it down) Today’s post is about the EYEKO Fat Brow Liner in shade Light to Medium. I received an EYEKO liner in a previous bag. It was a liquid eyeliner, not brow liner, but it was super dark and I loved it so I was excited to try this. The fact that it is in the shade “Light to Medium” didn’t catch me off guard at first because this is usually the shade I get face products in. I am a fairly light-skinned Filipina. Once it occurred to me however, that this was a product for my brows, I started to become a bit skeptical that this would work for me.

Pro-tip: When buying brow make-up, buy a shade or two lighter than your actual brow color. This way you can blend it in and layer it and make sure it’s not too dark. Even if your eyebrows are black, like mine, I promise, you want to follow this.

Because of that tip, I still decided to wait until I could try this brow liner to judge it. I’d been surprised in the past and I already ran out of my brow pomade so I was in need of something.

In the photos online, the tip of the pen is brown. My pomade is brown so this was no issue. When I opened up my product, the tip looked closer to a dark brown/black so this made me more excited, thinking it would be even closer to what I needed. When I went to try it, I started to draw my normal shape which consists of some filling in sparse areas where there is hair, and some drawing on completely new areas where there isn’t hair. In filling in the sparse areas with hair, it did a pretty nice job, but drawing on the new areas, this product was extremely light and grey, not even brown. It looked like I’d taken a graphite, #2 pencil to my eyebrows and I was not happy about that. Below is a picture of the product on my hand. I drew a new eyebrow. It is grey. Not black, not brown, grey.

IMG_4906Because of this and a mixture of my laziness and lack of funds, I haven’t gone out to get a new pomade, but I have started using a mixture of brown and black matte eyeshadows and I think it is working pretty well. You can tell me what you think when you see this combination in my next post.

PS Now you know that my eyebrows are a lie. Don’t tell anyone else đŸ˜‰


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