Lip Lotion

Also known as lip balm (a much better sounding name; lip lotion sounds gross) is one of my favorite products to use. I hate having dry lips so whatever lip balm I have on hand is always my savior. I say “whatever lip balm I have on hand” because any that I got for free and threw in my purse will be a quick fix, but I am sure you’ve noticed that sometimes, after applying a lip balm, your lips feel even dryer and more chapped than before you put it on. This happens with cheap lip balms and/or when you’re super dried out. The free ones that have a company’s logo on the tube are almost always ridiculously cheap and the good ones are always pretty expensive. I don’t like paying $3+ dollars on them (I’m a cheap person), so I’m thankful when ipsy sends them to me. This is always a product that people splurge on though buying brands likes Carmex, Burt’s Bees, and eos. I’ve recently been using Lasting Smiles, which I got through ipsy, in a lovely peppermint scent that tingles my lips.

One of the main issues I’ve found with wanting to wear lip balm all the time is that when I’m wearing a lip color, the color transfers to the balm which means it is no longer on my lips. A pretty neat trick I read to combat this is to apply lip balm after you’ve applied your color but while you’re still getting ready. Then when it transfers to your lip balm, you can touch up the color before you leave and when you’re out on the town and feel dry as a desert, when you apply your lip balm, there is color on it that will transfer back. I haven’t tried this yet as I just hate getting color on my lip balm in general, but in theory, it should work.

I also haven’t tried it as dryness hasn’t been as big of an issue to me lately because of the “Yeti-esque” tumbler I received for my birthday. I take it everywhere and always have water or some sort of liquid in it. Lip dryness happens as a result of dehydration. This is a great fact to know not only because you can tell when you need to drink more water, but also because my boyfriend, as lovely a human as he is, hates lotions and balms and anything that makes skin slippery and slimy. This makes my life difficult as I want to religiously apply lip balm when I’m dry but cannot if I expect him to want to kiss me. Sometimes I do it anyways to irritate him though. I’m not always nice but he likes the minty tingles too.



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