February ipsy GlamBag Review 4/5

Once again again I find myself at a conference out of state but this time in New York City! It’s my first time here and and it won’t be my last but it will likely likely be one of few. I’m not the type for the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps. On to the review.

Anyone that knows me knows that my favorite color is black and it is also my favorite color to wear (it’s flattering), but my second favorite color to wear is the dark red that my shirt is above. I have too many articles of clothing in that color at this point and I don’t plan on stopping. I also have a few lip products in this color and I love them. They are bold and dark and not too wild. Seeing this NYX butter lipstick in my GlamBag excited me a lot because I love NYX, as I believe I’ve said, and I hadn’t tried this product yet. It was also exciting because, by the look of the tube and packaging, it would be the color that I am enamored with. It was not this color.

The color of the lipstick turned out to be a more pinkish red and did not match my top at all. This was disappointing. The formula was nice though and went on like butter, explaining where the line got its name from. It was also pretty opaque in the first swipe across my lips which was a plus. The only disappointing part was the disparity in color.

I leave New York to go back to Tampa tomorrow, and I could not be happier. It is cold up here. Too cold for my Chicago to Tampa bones. And I get to sleep again.


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