Tightlining- February ipsy GlamBag Review 3/5

img_2556One of the crappy things about taking photos is that the photo never looks like real life. This is one of the reasons they say the camera adds ten pounds. The focal length, lighting, and a myriad of other factors can indeed make you look fatter. And that sucks. Looking fatter in the camera is not the point of this post however. The point of this post is eyeliner.

If you’re not super familiar with make-up, you probably still know what eyeliner is and that it goes on your eyelids, above your lash line. But you probably don’t know why. We do not wear eyeliner because we want a thick black (brown, blonde) line on our eyelid, we wear eyeliner because it accentuates our lashes. The same is true of winged liner (something I am a huge fan of and have said as such many times) because it makes the outer lashes look fuller and longer. Now you know.

Something else you’re probably aware of is that people use eyeliner, usually black, in their lower waterline, the part right between their eyeball and lower lashes. I used to do this a lot finding that my day ended in me looking like I was dead. Nowadays, it is recommended that you use a white, peach, or nude liner in your lower waterline to open up your eyes more. This is a tip that I find extremely helpful as an Asian with small eyes. HOWEVER, you can still use black eyeliner in a waterline, your upper.

WHAT? THERE’S AN UPPER WATERLINE? Yes, and applying eyeliner to it is just as uncomfortable as applying it to the bottom. But this is called tightlining and is another wonderful way in which we fill in our lashes and make them look fuller. Here’s where my issues with cameras comes in.

I love photography, but selfies in your bathroom just do not cut it when you are trying to take a comparison photo of one eye done with the normal eyeliner and mascara with no tightlining and another with it. Instead, I’m just going to tell you that this eyeliner from ipsy was pretty good at what I needed it to do. It went on very easily and doesn’t smudge too much throughout the day, but on a waterline, you have to expect at least a little bit of it. The only thing I don’t like is that it is a pencil, because that means I have to sharpen it to continue using it which never happens because I am a) lazy, and b) they never sharpen properly and I end up with wood in my eye.

To anyone that wants a minimal make-up look but still wants to put some on, I suggest tightlining. No one knows that you’re wearing eyeliner but you still look more put together than if you didn’t have it on and in the hustle and bustle of our society, we can all benefit from a bit of faking it.


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