Acne is a b*tch.

Over the weekend I was at a conference called NACA, also known as the National Association for Campus Activities. At this conference you can attend Educational Sessions about how to run events on campus better or how to better prepare yourself for the real world in higher ed or special event planning. As I am graduating in May, I went to more of the latter.

Along with these Educational Sessions for the professional world, you could also have professional headshots taken for your LinkedIn profile, your resume, or even your profile picture. Since I need a professional headshot, I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity, mainly because it was free. The morning of the day I knew I would have a break to go, I got up and took a shower only to see that my face was covered in red spots. I recently started a new medication and the spots on my face are the result of that. No way I could take professional headshots covered in acne, let me just grab my foundation and I’ll be good to go, right? Wrong. I didn’t bring it with me because I did not want to have to put it on every morning just to have it melt off of my face during the conference.

Now I still need professional headshots taken… who’s a photographer willing to work for experience and portfolio pieces?


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