Four Eyes

For anyone that doesn’t know, on the day-to-day, I wear contact lenses. This means that I have less than perfect vision and, you guessed it, also have a pair of glasses that usually do not make it out of the house. On the (more than) rare occasion that my eyes are screaming bloody murder in the morning however, I don my black plastic frames and brave the muggy Tampa weather in them, waiting for them to fog up on me.

I’ve talked before about how I never leave the house without doing my eyebrows (I think). This is just a general rule for me as I am like many others who over-plucked them in my youth and is now regretting that decision as an adult, and regretting it hard. Eyebrows are very important to the shape of your face so it is very important that they shape your face well. Without even putting any other make-up on, if my eyebrows are done, I still feel like I could take on the world, at least for a few hours. All of that said, when I wear my glasses out, I usually only do my eyebrows and forgo the rest of the make-up routine because I am a) too tired and lazy and/or b) it just doesn’t really work with glasses.

Foundation and face make-up melt off without the added trap of the lenses and arms, so those are always a no-go with my glasses and today was no different. Because I am writing a make-up blog though, I decided I’d try to wear my eyeliner and mascara under my glasses in addition to my eyebrows. Now everything looks bigger. One of the reasons I wear the eye make-up that I do is because I am Chinese and as such, I have smaller eyes, but the way I wear my eyeliner and mascara makes my eyes seem bigger. The lenses of my glasses also do this, so doubling up makes them look even bigger, something I am not mad about. In applying my mascara, I chose to forgo the primer. My eyelash primer makes my eyelashes longer after applying mascara but I learned the hard way some time ago that this just means your eyelashes will be hitting your lenses every time you blink. It’s not fun.

If you are a blind person, like me, and you either wear make-up or don’t, I encourage you to play around with how different your eyes look when you’ve got it on and when you don’t. It’s an interesting change. Also note how hard it is to apply eyeliner when you can’t see because obviously you can’t wear your glasses and put it on at the same time… that’s just silly of you to think that… so silly.


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