Why I Love ipsy

I know in one of my previous posts I talked about ipsy and their GlamBags a bit but I didn’t go into all the details. Again I would like to highlight that this is NOT a sponsored post, I just really love the service, so before my new bag comes in and I review some of the products for you, here is an overview of why I like them.

For $10 a month you get a small make-up bag with five different sample to full-sized make-up, hair care, skin care, etc. products. These products are of all different brands, types, tones and anything else that can vary in a beauty product. Out of the five products, I usually find that only two to three of them are actually useful to me, but none of them are necessarily bad, the others just aren’t things that I use on a daily basis like a moisturizer or liquid bronzer.

The great thing about these products though is that you can rate them and then edit your beauty profile to tailor the GlamBags to what you want and/or need. Right now, I have a lot of foundation because I bought some from tarte that I love, so I can uncheck that in my beauty profile and I will get less of it until I check it again. This system works because, though you only get five, they have an entire bank of over 20 products that you can get per month, so it is unlikely you will get the same products as a friend, especially if they have a different beauty profile than you. This is very different to subscription services like Lootcrate, another I used to have. I am not knocking Lootcrate at all, I loved getting their boxes as well, but everyone got the same box every month so you couldn’t trade with your friends. If there were products in it I didn’t want, I had to just give them away getting nothing in return.

In rating the products you also get points that can be used to redeem new products by some of the brands featured in that month’s bag. I haven’t redeemed any points yet because every time I check the page they are all sold out, but one day, I will catch them at the right time.

UPDATE: I have just redeemed 500 of my 800+ points and I can’t wait to get the new product in my March GlamBag. Hurray for free stuff!


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