Black History Month

This is a make-up blog. February is Black History Month. Though I am a bit fairer skinned, I am a woman of color and know many more as well. Make-up has always been a struggle for women of color, especially those with darker skin, because foundations, concealers, powders, and other products that need to match your skintone, were too light for them and did not match their skintones. The darkest that you’ll see at the drugstore, still, is only a few shades darker than I am and I am a lighter-skinned Filipina.

Recently, there have been brands that are made specifically for women of color and their skintones as well as skin types. These brands are made to be inclusive and make sure everyone has the opportunity to be at their most beautiful. As I said above, drugstores are not yet carrying these brands and they are more expensive than those that can be found at the drugstores. This is a bit of a downfall that they have because it is hard for people to pay $20+ for products, but with these products, you do pay for quality.

I hope to see more brands expand and include products that work for people of color that are affordable. Girl’s gotta spend less money but girl’s also gotta look pretty on the day-to-day.


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