e5d8be7c-76ca-4ca2-9651-97581b2838e8Today in my world of make-up and getting ready, I decided to go big. I love bold lip colors and have a multitude of them but hardly ever wear them because I don’t know how to. Today however, I went for it… kind of.

Traditional lip colors are usually a range of reds and pinks. I have these as well as a number of others including blues, greys, blacks, purples, and one very vibrant orange. For me, because I am a darker person and like to wear darker colors, the dark lip colors are what I go with. Today was no different.

The color I am wearing in the photo as well as just on my lips today is from NYX and is in the shade “Transylvania.” It is part of their matte lip cremes and is a dark, purple-y brown, which you can only kind of see in the photo. The lighting in this photo makes my skin lighter and the lip color look more like a berry color. It is a pretty striking color in person and one that I chose specifically because it goes with the darker purples on the dress I am wearing today.

The reason I love bold lip colors so much is because they are empowering. I’ve even created a brand of bold lipsticks whose goal is women empowerment, should I ever want to break into the business world. The problem is just styling them and as, some days, I hardly even want to put on pants let alone an entire face of make-up, it is hard to wear all of the colors I own.

I do want to branch out wearing more bold lip colors, and maybe this blog will encourage me to do so, but right now, that neon orange I have is going to stay in its tube.


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