Eyeliner as black as my soul.

Aimg_1001s previously mentioned, I wear winged eyeliner when I am wearing eyeliner. For this, I like to use liquid liners that basically look like pens. I don’t like gel liner at all but liquid liners that stay put and have that intense black color that I want can be hard to come by. The one that I have been using more recently is by the brand eyeko and I received in an ipsy Glambag but because I use it so often, is starting to run out. Today, I decided to try another that I received in a Glambag by the brand Hikari.

On the outside the two are very different. The eyeko is smaller and has silver lettering and stars on it as decoration. The Hikari is longer and has white lettering with no extra decorations. When you open them up, the tip of the eyeko clearly looks like it has more pigment in the color of the liner itself than the Hikari and is shown as such in the picture above. The eyeko is on the top and the Hikari is on the bottom. As you can also see in the photo however, the eyeko’s tip does not start with strong lines like the Hikari does, a problem when you are trying to make your eyeliner as sharp as knives. Why would I put a stabby thing near my eyes not to have my eyes look like they could stab back?

Now, I love the color of the eyeko. It is the blackest black in a liquid eyeliner that I have ever used and the first time I used the Hikari I thought it had just come out a little grey. Today when I chose to use it instead, I found that it was a kind of reddish-brown color. I usually don’t wear brown eyeliner or mascara because, again, I’m kind of going for a look here, but this particular color is so interesting to me that I may wear it more often. It reminds me of the color I used to dye my hair and the shade of liquid lipstick I like to wear.

Moral of the story: Even if your soul is as dark as mine, sometimes it can be good to branch out in your eyeliner.


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