To give you a little break in ipsy reviews, the other day, I was wearing a shirt in my favorite burgundy color. Usually when I am wearing this color I also have a lip color on to match but for some reason this day, I wasn’t. I had my wings all done up too but still, no lipstick. While I was at work, I grew bored because there wasn’t anything for me to do so I turned to my current favorite social networking app, Snapchat. Now I, like most “basic” girls my age, love the Snapchat Lenses, oft mis-referred to as Snapchat Filters. These “lenses” are the dog, face-swap, flower crown, and myriad of other real-time editors to make your face look different. My go to is the flower crown but in swiping through them that day, I found one that I would refer to as a “beauty lens,” + lipstick. The lipstick matched my shirt, and other lip colors that I own, perfectly and I have never loved a Snapchat Lens more.

Yesterday I posted this Snapchat Selfie on Instagram and it got a number of likes and comments, more than I am used to. This is probably partially due to the fact that I am also smiling in the picture, something I don’t often do. I’ve been told I have a nice smile, I don’t see it though.

Now without further ado, here’s the selfie, caption and all, because I’m sure you were dying to see my face (not like Medusa, but part of me would love that).



No Scrubs – February ipsy GlamBag 2/5

screen-shot-2017-02-25-at-1-56-33-pmExcept all the scrubs. I love scrubs and have multiple but I’m always looking to try new ones. In this month’s GlamBag, I got a sample size of the Promise Organic Nourishing Coconut Milk Daily Facial Scrub with Sugar and Walnut. In a previous bag, I received a coconut milk moisturizer from Promise Organic that I love, so I was really excited to try this one.

To start out, this smells amazing. I’m hit or miss with coconut scented/flavored things because I love fresh coconut but hate dried coconut. This passed my test though. The gel/paste is a translucent brown color and you can see and feel the exfoliants in it, the sugar and walnut. I was expecting this to feel like St. Ives Apricot Scrub, something that I am also a fan of. It was better. I had never fully understood why sugar scrubs were such a hot commodity until I used this on my face. The sugar felt like it was getting into my pores and getting the grossness out and then dissolved away when it was done. It was great. And my face feels softer and smoother now the day after using it.

A big issue that I usually have after exfoliating is that my skin get dry and peels but after using this, it was not and even if it was, I have the moisturizer to use after it that also feels and smells wonderful. I love this product and for 3 oz. for $9.99, I would not be mad about using it more often.

February ipsy GlamBag 1/5

img_3866I am finally in possession of my February GlamBag. I would love to review all of the products at once but I did not use them all this morning so you’re getting the review broken down into five. This also gives me more to post about so heyyyyyyyyy.

This morning, the first product I tried out to the February GlamBag was the bellapierre cosmetics volumeLASH Waterproof Mascara. I love mascara. It is one of the most important pieces of make-up in my kit. I don’t, however, like waterproof mascara or much other waterproof make-up in general. It is supposed to stay on through water (it doesn’t usually) and is supposed to be able to come off pretty easily with make-up remover (another thing it is not known for). I like the bellapierre things I’ve gotten in the past though, so I’m giving this a try.

To start out, this is not a sample mascara but a full tube, something that is always appreciated. Going into the product itself, the formula seems to be thinner and lighter than others that I usually use. I think that this is the reason I am not super enamored with this mascara as when I applied it, it was hard to tell I had any on. This could also be due to the fact that I don’t have much mascara primer left, but this product itself also just felt different and like it was not adhering to my lashes.

I will get more primer soon and try again, but on first impressions alone, I am not impressed.

Acne is a b*tch.

Over the weekend I was at a conference called NACA, also known as the National Association for Campus Activities. At this conference you can attend Educational Sessions about how to run events on campus better or how to better prepare yourself for the real world in higher ed or special event planning. As I am graduating in May, I went to more of the latter.

Along with these Educational Sessions for the professional world, you could also have professional headshots taken for your LinkedIn profile, your resume, or even your profile picture. Since I need a professional headshot, I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity, mainly because it was free. The morning of the day I knew I would have a break to go, I got up and took a shower only to see that my face was covered in red spots. I recently started a new medication and the spots on my face are the result of that. No way I could take professional headshots covered in acne, let me just grab my foundation and I’ll be good to go, right? Wrong. I didn’t bring it with me because I did not want to have to put it on every morning just to have it melt off of my face during the conference.

Now I still need professional headshots taken… who’s a photographer willing to work for experience and portfolio pieces?

Setting Spray

Today I am running a concert on campus that will, at times, require me to literally run, something I am not fond of doing. I am lazy and sweating is not fun. Because there will be many photos taken however, I chose to wear a nearly full face of make-up anyways. To many, this is a death sentence for their make-up because it is not sweat proof. Any easy way to fix this is with setting powder and setting spray.

I never put on foundation without setting powder because if I did, my face would be eternally shiny and greasy-looking. No one wants that. I frequently however, forget to spray my face. Today was no exception to that.

Four Eyes

For anyone that doesn’t know, on the day-to-day, I wear contact lenses. This means that I have less than perfect vision and, you guessed it, also have a pair of glasses that usually do not make it out of the house. On the (more than) rare occasion that my eyes are screaming bloody murder in the morning however, I don my black plastic frames and brave the muggy Tampa weather in them, waiting for them to fog up on me.

I’ve talked before about how I never leave the house without doing my eyebrows (I think). This is just a general rule for me as I am like many others who over-plucked them in my youth and is now regretting that decision as an adult, and regretting it hard. Eyebrows are very important to the shape of your face so it is very important that they shape your face well. Without even putting any other make-up on, if my eyebrows are done, I still feel like I could take on the world, at least for a few hours. All of that said, when I wear my glasses out, I usually only do my eyebrows and forgo the rest of the make-up routine because I am a) too tired and lazy and/or b) it just doesn’t really work with glasses.

Foundation and face make-up melt off without the added trap of the lenses and arms, so those are always a no-go with my glasses and today was no different. Because I am writing a make-up blog though, I decided I’d try to wear my eyeliner and mascara under my glasses in addition to my eyebrows. Now everything looks bigger. One of the reasons I wear the eye make-up that I do is because I am Chinese and as such, I have smaller eyes, but the way I wear my eyeliner and mascara makes my eyes seem bigger. The lenses of my glasses also do this, so doubling up makes them look even bigger, something I am not mad about. In applying my mascara, I chose to forgo the primer. My eyelash primer makes my eyelashes longer after applying mascara but I learned the hard way some time ago that this just means your eyelashes will be hitting your lenses every time you blink. It’s not fun.

If you are a blind person, like me, and you either wear make-up or don’t, I encourage you to play around with how different your eyes look when you’ve got it on and when you don’t. It’s an interesting change. Also note how hard it is to apply eyeliner when you can’t see because obviously you can’t wear your glasses and put it on at the same time… that’s just silly of you to think that… so silly.

Why I Love ipsy

I know in one of my previous posts I talked about ipsy and their GlamBags a bit but I didn’t go into all the details. Again I would like to highlight that this is NOT a sponsored post, I just really love the service, so before my new bag comes in and I review some of the products for you, here is an overview of why I like them.

For $10 a month you get a small make-up bag with five different sample to full-sized make-up, hair care, skin care, etc. products. These products are of all different brands, types, tones and anything else that can vary in a beauty product. Out of the five products, I usually find that only two to three of them are actually useful to me, but none of them are necessarily bad, the others just aren’t things that I use on a daily basis like a moisturizer or liquid bronzer.

The great thing about these products though is that you can rate them and then edit your beauty profile to tailor the GlamBags to what you want and/or need. Right now, I have a lot of foundation because I bought some from tarte that I love, so I can uncheck that in my beauty profile and I will get less of it until I check it again. This system works because, though you only get five, they have an entire bank of over 20 products that you can get per month, so it is unlikely you will get the same products as a friend, especially if they have a different beauty profile than you. This is very different to subscription services like Lootcrate, another I used to have. I am not knocking Lootcrate at all, I loved getting their boxes as well, but everyone got the same box every month so you couldn’t trade with your friends. If there were products in it I didn’t want, I had to just give them away getting nothing in return.

In rating the products you also get points that can be used to redeem new products by some of the brands featured in that month’s bag. I haven’t redeemed any points yet because every time I check the page they are all sold out, but one day, I will catch them at the right time.

UPDATE: I have just redeemed 500 of my 800+ points and I can’t wait to get the new product in my March GlamBag. Hurray for free stuff!