Make-Up is Hard.

I love make-up. I’ve been playing with it since I was little and have a photo of tiny me holding a tube of my mom’s lipstick, it all over my face and the couch… apparently I thought it needed to be prettier (it did). From there, my love has never faltered and I almost always had some sort of childrens’ make-up kit that I played with all the time.

Around middle school is when I started really getting serious but “getting serious” meant black eyeliner in my lower waterline and sometimes a bit of mascara. I didn’t know how to do anything else and I did not want to slather foundation on my face when I already had a relatively good complexion. Plus, finding a foundation that matched my skin tone was not easy. And contouring was not a thing that 7th graders did.

Now I make sure my eyeliner and mascara are on point whenever I’m wearing them but I still forgo the foundation, contour, and highlight every now and again because they are hard! Make-up is an art and anyone that says otherwise is not someone that I want to be friends with. It takes time and practice to get good at it, as with anything worth doing, and as a college student, I don’t always have that time. Plus I’m lazy. One day though, I hope to have all of the physical and metaphorical tools in my belt to make my face into a completely different face and not once worry that it’s melting off in the Florida (or Texas) sun.


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