Make-Up is Art.

img_0442This weekend, Tampa hosted the Gasparilla Parade through Downtown. People of all ages were out in their pirate regalia looking for beads. As described to many that don’t know about it, Gasparilla is Tampa’s version of Mardi Gras with the same amount of drunkenness and a little less flashing.

Because of the amount of craziness that goes on, every year, UT holds Piratefest the day before to give students tips and tricks on how to stay safe. I have always thought that this was a great idea because of the amount of freshmen that are inevitably going to drink underage, but have never done so in this setting. They learn what signs to look for that someone is not doing well and can find out who to call if they need help.

Another reason that this is such a fun event to me however, is because every year, we get Lester and Susan to come out and make balloon animals and do face/body painting. I always get my face painted by Susan and she always does a phenomenal job. This year while she was doing my face (pictured above) I talked with her a little bit on how long she’d been practicing this art. She taught herself 30 years ago and now she creates masterpieces like that on my face. Now, I know I referred to this as face painting and the title of these blog post is “Make-Up is Art,” but face painting is make-up and make-up is face painting, hence why I sometimes call it “painting my face.” Susan even uses Ben Nye cosmetics, high quality theater make-up to make sure that the colors are vivid and pop.

I’ve always thought that make-up is an art and anyone else who has tried it should as well but when you see something like this on someone’s face, I don’t know how you could even try to dispute it any further.


January 2017 Ipsy Glambag Review


If you have not already heard of Ipsy but you love trying new make-up, I’m not really sure what rock you’ve been living under but get out of it. This is not a sponsored post by any means (I don’t have enough klout for that) but for $10 I’ve been getting sample and full-sized make-up items monthly and I love it because a lot of them are things I’ve wanted to try but not wanted to spend the full $30+ on to find out I hate them. I actually just hate spending $30+ dollars on make-up I like too because that is too much money for a broke college kid that just likes to paint her face.

In this month’s bag, I got five different items: a primer by Temptu, an under-eye concealer by It Cosmetics, a BB cream by Smashbox, a lip balm by Rimmel London, and a moisturizer by H2O+ Beauty. Pictured are the primer, BB cream, and concealer, all of which I tried for the very first time this morning when I was getting ready for work and obviously, I started with the primer.

Now the order of what you use when is a little bit wonky to me because people will do their eyes up all the way without having put on foundation first when it is call foundation, but I know that primer comes before anything, except moisturizer. This primer felt like a moisturizer in a little droplet bottle. It was very different than the primer I usually use which is from L’Oreal, but I made sure my face was covered and then I moved on to the BB cream. This went on as normal foundation does and felt light and finished more matte than I was expecting. Under-eye concealer is still a bit of a foreign concept to me but I tried it anyways, throwing it on as a highlighter as many beauty gurus do. This finished more shiny, but once I covered it in powder, everything looked as it should.

I like all three of these items a lot, particularly the BB cream. It went on smoothly and easily and drying into a light, matte finish is everything you want in the things you’re caking to your face. I’m not about to run out and buy any (I still have a lot of tarte Amazonian Clay foundation) but I would consider using this again in the future, when my broke college kid budget has an increase in the make-up category.

Make-Up is Hard.

I love make-up. I’ve been playing with it since I was little and have a photo of tiny me holding a tube of my mom’s lipstick, it all over my face and the couch… apparently I thought it needed to be prettier (it did). From there, my love has never faltered and I almost always had some sort of childrens’ make-up kit that I played with all the time.

Around middle school is when I started really getting serious but “getting serious” meant black eyeliner in my lower waterline and sometimes a bit of mascara. I didn’t know how to do anything else and I did not want to slather foundation on my face when I already had a relatively good complexion. Plus, finding a foundation that matched my skin tone was not easy. And contouring was not a thing that 7th graders did.

Now I make sure my eyeliner and mascara are on point whenever I’m wearing them but I still forgo the foundation, contour, and highlight every now and again because they are hard! Make-up is an art and anyone that says otherwise is not someone that I want to be friends with. It takes time and practice to get good at it, as with anything worth doing, and as a college student, I don’t always have that time. Plus I’m lazy. One day though, I hope to have all of the physical and metaphorical tools in my belt to make my face into a completely different face and not once worry that it’s melting off in the Florida (or Texas) sun.